New energy - Magnic Light

                           Can you believe a dynamo can produce electricity without touching the wheels ? I too didn't believe when i heard of it at first. Strothmann and his brother Die Nacht von Borgholzhausen had made it happen. They have named it as Magnic Light. Magnic Light is the first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. It is a new invention which we believed has the potential to revolutionize bicycle illlumination. Magnic Light is so powerful and looks so magic at first glance that most people search for a trick behind.

                          We can't believe a dynamo that produce electric energy without touching the wheel. There are some on the market but they need magnets attached to the wheels and they don't produce constant bright light. The Magnic Light dynamo does not need any magnets attached to the wheels and it produces enough energy for a brilliant light comparable to the best hub dynamos available, while beating the efficiency of hub dynamos by a wide margin. Thus Magnic Light has the comfort of a strong battery light needing batteries any more.

The plus in the gadget are :

       + No friction
       + No cables 
       + No deceleration as no friction
       + No noise
       + No batteries   


                            Magnic Light works with all kinds of metallic rims (normally aluminum, steel or magnesium). While aluminium and magnesium are not magnetic (but paramagnetic) they are conductive. Relative movements of magnets and neighboured conductive material induce eddy currents in the conductive material - in our case the metallic rim. These eddy currents have their own magnetic fields which are absorbed by the Magnic Light generator kernel and by this way produce electric energy. Although there is no friction the absorption of magnetic fields has a minimal braking effect, so we don't get energy for free. Magnic Light contains the most efficient LEDs currently available (CREE XM-L T6) to get maximal light from minimal energy.